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EVENRUDE, OLE - One Size Fits All

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1987, 2005, Reissue +4 Bonus Tracks. It’s an album that every lover of Scandi-Hard Rock/AOR should own. The great news is that MTM Classix has digitally re-mastered and re-released this semi-milestone, featuring no less than four unreleased bonus tracks!



12,90 €

-3,00 €

15,90 €


01. Never Say Die
02. Desperado
03. Broken Heart
04. 25 Years Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
05. Peepin’ Tom
06. Make My Day
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Still In Love With You
09. Raise Your Fist And Shout
10. X-Ray Specs

Unreleased Bonus Tracks:

11. Welcome To The Real World
12. Werewolf
13. F.O.F.D.
14. She Looks Like A Billion Bucks

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