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MEISSNER, STAN - Windows To Light

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2010, Stan Meissner has written for many international acts such as Céline Dion, Lara Fabian, LeeAnn Womack, Eddie Money, Farmer's Daughter, Ricochet, Rita Coolidge, BJ Thomas, Ben Orr (The Cars), Alias, Triumph, Darby Mills, Toronto and Lee Aaron among many others. Two re-issuing of the 80s which are now digitally remastered and contain three bonus tracks each.



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01. I Want Everything
02. One Chance
03. Heart Of Ice
04. Wild And Blue (Bonus Track)
05. I Can't Break Away From You
06. Lifeline
07. I'll Wait For You (Bonus Track)
08. Coming Out Of Nowhere
09. Walk The Line
10. Endless Ride (Bonus Track)
11. Counting On Love
12. Hold Me

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