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ROULETTE - Better Late Than Never

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2011, ROULETTE was formed in 1985 in Sundsvall, Sweden. After releasing their first single "Fool For Your Love" in 1988, ROULETTE performed live gigs with Treat, Electric Boys and Lionshare amongst others. In 1990, ROULETTE changed their name into CHERRY RED. Due to the strong demand, this re-mastered version is available including two previously unreleased bonus tracks.



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01. Only The Strong
02. Run Girl
03. Better Late Than Never
04. Evangeline
05. Give Me Some Affection
06. Hearts Keep On Burning
07. So Far So Good
08. Bittersweet Love
09. Dancin'
10. City Heat
11. Fool For Your Love
12. Reachin' For You
13. Call My Name
14. Turn Me On
15. Waiting For A Heartache (Bonus Track)
16. I Do (Bonus Track)

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