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TEPPER, ROBERT - No Easy Way Out

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1986, 2010, Re-issue of the classic album which was out of print for a long time. In 1985 Robert Tepper signed a record deal with Scotti Brothers. The day when Sylvester Stallone listened to the song "No Easy way Out", he chosed the song for the Soundtrack "Rocky IV". "No Easy Way Out" became one of the biggest hits in 1986. Feat. Dann Huff, Alan Pasqua, Carlos Vega, Myron Grombacher



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01. No Easy Way Out 
02. Angel Of The City 
03. Don't Walk Away 
04. Your Love Hurts
05. Restless World
06. Hopeless Romantic
07. Soul Survivor
08. If That's What You Call Lovin'
09. Domination

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