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HAMMERFALL - One Crimson Night - Live

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2003, 2-CD, Anyway, if you like Hammerfall, then you will dig this. They are a mixed bag - its like taking one part Helloween, one part Dokken, one part Manowar, and one part Accept and mixing it in a blender and voila! - you have Hammerfall. Now, do understand that they can't touch those bands but they do bring back a forgotten element in metal - fun!



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Disc 1:

01. Lore Of The Arcane 

02. Riders Of The Storm 

03. Heeding The Call

04. Stone Cold 

05. Hero's Return

06. Legacy Of Kings

07. Bass Solo: Magnus Rosén

08. At The End Of The Rainbow

09. The Way Of The Warrior

10. The Unforgiving Blade

11. Glory To The Brave

12. Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren

13. Let The Hammer Fall

Disc 2:

01. Renegade

02. Steel Meets Steel

03. Crimson Thunder

04. Templars Of Steel

05. Hearts On Fire

06. HammerFall

Bonus Tracks:

07. The Dragon Lies Bleeding

08. Stronger Than All

09. A Legend Reborn

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