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ETERNAL OATH - Rereleased Hatred

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2006, It’s pretty rare to come across a Death Metal band some full of atmosphere and melancholy, yet ETERNAL OATH has managed it on their first two albums, now released together on the aptly titled “Re-released Hatred”. The albums included here are “So Silent” and “Through The Eyes Of Hatred” plus you also get an AT THE GATES cover here: “The Fevered Circle”.



8,90 €


01. The Dawn
02. Harmonic Souls Departed
03. So Silent
04. Insanity
05. Eternal Rest
06. Dream Of Rising
07. Beyond Forgiveness
08. Without Tears
09. Angel Of Deception
10. When The Dreams Die
11. The Funeral Winds
12. Lost Somewhere Between
13. Through The Eyes Of Hatred
14. The Secret Flame
15. Soulpoem
16. The Fevered Circle