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LEESE, HOWARD - Secret Weapon

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2009, Best known as guitar player for Heart which he joined in 1975 and with whom he stayed for 22 years, Leese co-produced some of their 13 albums. In 1998 Howard Leese joined The Paul Rodgers Band and became touring member in the reformed Bad Company line-up. Howard Leese has often been called "Heart's secret weapon". His debut solo record "Secret Weapon" has a wide range of styles.



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01. Alive Again 
02. Heal The Broken Hearted  
03. Hot To Cold 
04. French Quarter  
05. 33 West Street  
06. The South Summit
07. Rada's Theme  
08. The Vine 
09. In These Eyes  
10. Vermilion Border 
11. I've Been Leavin' You  
12. Somewhere