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TARAXACUM - Rainmaker

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2003, TARAXACUM is back with their new album "Rainmaker". EDGUY bassist TOBIAS EXXEL founded the band in 2000 together with ex-SQUEALER drummer FRANK WOLF. TARAXACUM also calls singer RICK MYTHIASIN (STEEL PROPHET) and keyboarder FERDY DOERNBERG (ROUGH SILK). "Rainmaker" fascinates by mature songs which have been "tested" on a short tour accross Germany.



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01. Disfunctional
02. Prayer In Unison
03. Rainmaker 
04. Never To Return
05. Make It Happen
06. Wake Up 
07. If I Had Known
08. Game Over 
09. Dark Sunglasses
10. The Red Pill
11. In The End
12. Lo Que Faltó (Bonus Track, Spanish Version Of "If I Had Known")

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