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HUGHES, GLENN - From Now On…

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1994, Had a distinctive AOR sound. "From Now On..." was Hughes’ second solo release after finding his ‘higher power’ and kicking the drug habits. The album was recorded in Sweden and release just within that country. But is now hard to track down outside of Japan. Feat. Europe members Mic Michaeli, John Leven. Excellent melodic Hard Rock album from Glenn, one of his best recordings!



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01. Pickin' Up The Pieces

02. Lay My Body Down

03. The Only One

04. Why Don't You Stay

05. Walkin' On The Water

06. The Liar

07. Into The Void

08. You Were Always There

09. If You Don't Want Me To (Allyson's Song)

10. Devil In You

11. Homeland

12. From Now On...