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GREEN DAY - American Idiot

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2004,  Voitti 2005 "Paras Rock-albumi"  Grammyn!!


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01. American Idiot

02. Jesus Of Suburbia

 -I.) Jesus Of Suburbia

 -II.) City Of The Damned

 -III.) I Don't Care

 -IV.) Dearly Beloved

 -V.) Tales Of Another Broken Home

03. Holiday

04. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

05. Are We The Waiting

06. St. Jimmy

07. Give Me Novacaine

08. She's A Rebel

09. Extraordinary Girl

10. Letterbomb

11. Wake Me Up When September Ends

12. Homecoming

 I.) The Death Of St. Jimmy

 II.) East 12th St.

 III.) Nobody Likes You

 IV.) Rock And Roll Girlfriend

 V.) We're Coming Home Again

13. Whatsername

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