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ENUFF Z´NUFF - Paraphernalia

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1999, Veteran Chicago rockers Enuff Z'Nuff return with their 9th album "Paraphernalia" and it's a great one. Throughout the years, Enuff Z'Nuff have served up some of the greatest Pop/Metal albums while also achieving critical acclaim. "Paraphernalia" is perhaps their "heaviest" album ever, but don't worry, it's still hook-filled and very much song-oriented.



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01. Freak  
02. Top Of The Hill  
03. Ain't It Funny  
04. Believe In Love  
05. Habit  
06. Baby You're The Greatest  
07. Someday  
08. Unemotional  
09. Invisible  
10. All Alone  
11. Everything Works If You Let It
12. Save Me  
13. No Place to Go  
14. Loser Of The World