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ERIKA - Cold Winter Night

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1990, 2004, Reissue +3 Bonus Tracks. "Cold Winter Night" is big on hooks and melodies. Erika does a commendable job in the vocal department and she is assisted by none other than Yngwie Malmsteen on the song "Emergency".if you like the typical swedish aor sound but with female vocals then this is for you.



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01. Prelude
02. Together We're Lost
03. Line Of Fire
04. Hurting So Bad
05. Heavenly
06. Cold Winter Night
07. Living Like A Hurricane
08. Love In Vain
09. Emergancy
10. Last Call For Love
11. Postlude
Bonus Tracks
12. Supersonic City
13. Together We're Lost (Re-Mix)
14. Together We're Lost (Extended Version)

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