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EUPHORIA - A Gift From Euphoria

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1969,1996, Psychedelic Contry Rock!!! "A Gift From Euphoria" is a well-funded album loaded with symphonic arrangements, excellent studio musicianship, psychedelic audio collage, and sound effects. This is the only album released by the short lived Euphoria. Get this one for a supreme example of Country and Rock gone suicidally psychedelic, sounding remarkably fresh today.



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01. Lisa
02. Stone River Hill Song
03. Did You Get The Letter
04. Through A Window
05. Young Miss Pflugg
06. Lady Bedford
07. Suicide On The Hilside, Sunday Morning, After Tea
08. Sweet Fanny Adams
09. I'll Be Home To You
10. Sunshine Woman
11. Hollyville Train
12. Docker's Son
13. Something For The Milkman
14. Too Young To Know
15. World