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HARRIS, MICHAEL - Defense Mechanizms

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2003, Michael Harris (Arch Rival, Surgeon, Zanister, Chastain/Harris) is an American musician. He cites the influence of his father (a jazz musician) and mother (a classical musician) for his unique style. Michael has also been influenced by many progressive guitarists, composers, & musicians, along with many music pioneers and legends.



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01. Defense Mechanisms 
02. Tranz-Orbital Schizophrenia 
03. Mind Or Heart? 
04. Psychotic Biorhythms 
05. Classical Conditioning 
06. Eminent Domain 
07. Collision Course 
08. Tarantula 
09. Call To Arms 
10. Octavian (Heir to the Conqueror) 
11. Wolfgang Lives! (A Modern excerpt from Mozart's 25)
12. Through The Eyes Of Eternity
Bonus Tracks:
13. Nightmare (demo version)
14. Tarantula (demo version)
15. Exit... (demo version)