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LAST HARD MEN, THE - s/t (feat.Sebastian Bach)

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2001, American Sleaze Rock, feat. Sebastian Bach.



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01. Sebastian Bach interview
02. Sleep
03. School's out
04. Kelley Deal interview
05. The last hard men
06. Who made you do it?
07. Candy comes
08. The most powerful man in the world
09. That very night
10. Play in the clouds
11. Satan's in the manger
12. In search of the peace of mind

13. Fan mail
14. Jimmy Chamberlain interview
15. Enjoy being a girl
16. Spider love
17. When the longing goes away
18 I hate the way you walk
19 Jimmy Flemion interview
20. If you want to rock go to the quarry
21. Baby I'm king
22. Final interview
23. Who made you do it? (v 2)



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