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KARO - Heavy Birthday

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1988, 2005, Re-issue with original signature! Hard Rock formation KARO released their first and, unfortunately, last album in 1988. The CD sounds like a polished version of the fourth SINNER album "Dangerous Charm", respectively, it's on the same way like the KINGDOM/DOMAIN debut "Lost In The City". KARO's vocalist was to DAN LUCAS.

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01. Wanna Be Loved 
02. One Of A Kind 
03. Still Hate To Loose 
04. Sister Sister
05. Ball Of Fire
06. Call Of The Wild
07. No-Man's Land
08. Out On The Line
09. Cold Shoulder
10. Nobody's Fool

Bonus Tracks:
11. Wanna Be Loved (New Version 2005)
12. Wanna Be Loved (Acoustic Version)

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