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MANITOU - Deadlock

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2006, The main point is to make traditional Heavy Metal mixing a little proggy elements here and there. The archetypes for Manitou are for example Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Ozzy, Tarot, Dio, Judas Priest and Annihilator... Material could be described as ballsier, more straight-forward Heavy Metal with little bit lunatic wanna-be-proggy spices here and there…

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01. And The Silence Bites
02. Fools In Control
03. Waste, Damnation
04. The State Of Mind
05. Black Burning Flame
06. Swallowing The Dark
07. Psychoracer
08. Lead A Wild Ride
09. By The Waves Of Stars
10. Black Meadow (Menace Of War)
11. The Black Meadow