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VIRGIN STEELE - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell...Part One

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1994, 2008, Reissue +1 Bonus Track. "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell - Part One" has been the title of the masterpiece, which continued in the vein of their brilliant previous album "Noble Savage".

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01. I Will Come For You 

02. Weeping Of The Spirits 

03. Blood And Gasoline 

04. Self Crucifixion 

05. Last Supper 

06. Warrior's Lament

07. Trail Of Tears 

08. The Raven Song 

09. Forever Will I Roam 

10. I Wake Up Screaming 

11. House Of Dust 

12. Blood Of The Saints 

13. Life Among The Ruins 

14. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

Bonus Track:

15. Blood And Gasoline (Duet with Crystal Viper)

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