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SAYIT - Sayit - Louder

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2003, SAYIT has made a name on the rock scene as a very skilled guitarist. 2 solo albums earlier. MICHAEL THOMPSON (MTB), DAVID HUNGATE (TOTO), KEE MARCELLO, JIM JIDHED, MIKAEL ERLANDSSON, and TOMMY DENANDER (RADIOACTIVE) as writer and producer. GEIR RÖNNING who was involved into (TOTO, RADIOACTIVE and PRISONER), TONY FRANKLIN (BLUE MURDER, THE FIRM, WHITESNAKE)

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01. Stand Up
02. The Queen
03. That Aint Me
04. A Love I Can't Handle
05. Come Please Me, Completely
06. I Am King
07. Longing For Someone To Hold
08. John Doe
09. Love Without Reason
10. My Lonely Heart
11. I May Be Hurt, But I'm Free
12. Waiting For My Love