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EUPHORIA - At The Speed Of Light

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1999, Euphoria had a melodic Rock sound very similar to bands like Shy and TNT. Feat. Sean Westman(voc.), who is a dead ringer for Tony Harnell and/or Tony Mills, but musically there are plenty of similarities as well. The songs are very melodic, have solid guitar work and are well-written. They're more in an AOR direction than the average TNT album, but there's some "punch" as well.

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01. Intro
02. Roller Coaster
03. Now That It's Over
04. Make Tonight For Me
05. Will You Believe In Me
06. What Our Love Can Be
07. Take A Chance
08. Someday
09. I Won't Be Alone
10. If You Don't Love Me
11. One Kiss Goodbye
12. Glowing Candle
13. When I Pray