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LUCAS, DAN - Canada

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1992, 2007, +5 Bonus Tracks. Produced by ROBERT PAPST, is a sought-after collector’s item and considered as a true highlight of AOR music. That’s why DAN LUCAS’ debut finally gets released again. The new version is digitally remastered and includes 5 exclusive bonus tracks. ROBIN BECK, who again shows her incredible voice talents, the CD features 3 tracks recorded with Canada’s LOVERBOY.

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01. Someone's Girl 
02. Wild Wild Wild 
03. Canadian Dream 
04. Hold On Me
05. Over The Edge
06. Hide In The Night
07. The Fire
08. Into The Night
09. I'm Sailing
10. Coming Home
11. The Movie
 a) Jenny's Theme
 b) If You Need Me Tonite
 c) The River
 d) Talk To Me
 e) If You Need Me Tonite
12. Hot Stuff
13. Heart Of America (single)
14. Canadian Dream

Bonus Tracks:
15. If You Need Me Tonight (Feat. Robin Beck)
16. Heart Of America (Extended Version Feat. Loverboy)
17. Someone's Girl (Feat. Loverboy)
18. Wild Wild Wild (Feat. Loverboy)
19. Oh Darling

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