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ARK, THE - State Of The Ark

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01. This Piece Of Poetry Is Meant To Do Harm Strings

02. Rock City Wankers

03. Glamour For Glamour

04. One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young

05. Let Me Down Gently

06. Hey Kwanongoma! Programmed By

07. The Others

08. Girl You're Gonna Get'em (Real Soon)

09. Deliver Us From Free Will

10. No End Music By

11. Trust Is Shareware

1. This piece of poetry is meant to do harm 2. Rock city wankers 3. Clamour for glamour 4. One of us is gonna die young 5. Let me down gently 6. Hey kwanongoma! 7. The others 8. Girl you’re gonna get’em (real soon) 9. Deliver us from free will 10. No end 11. Trust is shareware