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1988, 2010, Reissue. Paul Sabu has written, recorded and performed with such Lee Aaron, Alice Cooper, John Waite and W.A.S.P.. His own Sabu and Only Child, bands with he recorded albums that as big sounding, fat keyboards, blistering guitars, and vocals combined with a great chorus. His albums are stíll much sought-after items among AOR lovers, and his reputation as an AOR hero still holds today.

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01. Just Ask
02. Always
03. I Wanna Touch
04. I Remember The Night
05. Love To The Limit
06. I Believe In You
07. Save A Place In Your Heart
08. Rebel Eyes
09. Scream Until You Like It
10. Shot Heard Around The World

Bonus Tracks:
11. Young Guns 
12. Vice Versa 

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