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SOTO,JEFF SCOTT - Beautiful Mess

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2009, Vocalist for guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, leading to frontman for many bands including: Talisman, Soul Sirkus, the legendary Journey and more recently Trans Siberian Orchestra. JSS leaves no stone unturned in this release, pleasing fans old & new alike.

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01. 21st Century
02. Cry Me A River
03. Gin & Tonic Sky
04. Hey
05. Broken Man
06. Mountain
07. Our Song
08. Eye
09. Bring It Home
10. Testify
11. Wherever You Wanna Go
12. Kick It
13. Heart Starts Healing (Bonus Track)
14. Take U Over With Me (Bonus Track)
01. 21st Century
02. Gin & Tonic Sky
03. Hey
04. Gin And Tonic Sky (Piano)
05. "What A Beautiful Mess" (Promo)

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