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TEN JINN - As On A Darkling Plain

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1999, Their complex music is a mixture of GENESIS, GENTLE GIANT, GLASS HAMMER, JETHRO TULL, QUEEN, SAGA and SPOCK'S BEARD, with a powerful singer, backed up by excellent backing vocals.

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01. As on a darkling plain: 
 -I. The dance of Les Innocents (5:27) 
 -II. Darkling plain (7:20) 
 -III. Byzantine fire (5:00) 
 -IV. Theater of the vampires (1:32) 
 -V. Those who must be kept (5:07) 
 -VI. Beautiful Marquise (4:16) 
 -VII. The legacy of Magnus (5:27) 
 -VIII. Run away (5:40) 

02. Lost in the money (5:55) 

03. Blind authority (3:52) 
04. Rock (6:01) 
05. I can't see (5:11) 
06. Tomorrow (6:26) 
07. Lay down beside me (in the rain) (4:55)