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THUNDER - The EP Sessions 2007-08

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2009, the songs of ,,The EP Sessions 2007-2008" have been released on three different EP's in between full length albums on the bands own label. After the band broke up these songs plus live versions, re-recorded songs and plus new songs are new released together. The booklet feature nice pictures as well.

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01. Survivor 
02. Yesterday's News 
03. Chain Reaction 
04. Midlife Crisis
05. Dirty Dream (Live)
06. What A Beautiful Day (Live)
07. Make My Day
08. Bette Davis Meltdown
09. I Believe
10. Last Man Standing (Live)
11. Like A Satellite (Live)
12. See My Baby Walking
13. So Sad Today
14. Only You Can Make Me Cry
15. Yesterday's News (Naked Version)
16. I Believe (Missionary Position Version)