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1994, 2004, 80's style trans-Atlantic commercial Hard Rock, RECKLESS was formed in 1993 and came out of the band line up who started a few years earlier with Patrick Axelsson as frontman and lead singer. 1995 drummer Stefan went to Greece and performed for three years with Michael Bormann from JADED HEART. "Reckless" was released 1994 in Japan only.

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01. Back In Town 
02. Mirror
03. Livin' Without You 
04. Give Me Your Night
05. Spirit Of The Night
06. Stay
07. Got You On My Mind 
08. Get Excited / Rock The Nation
09. Liar
10. All Their Needs
11. Crimes Of Passion
12. Give Her A Sign
13. Can't Reach The Limit
14. Living Without You (Bonus Track)
15. Hot Sweet Lovin (Bonus Track)
16. (Intro) Sally's Rime Give Her A Sign (Bonus Track)