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CHARLIE - Fight Dirty / Good Morning America


1996, 2-CD, Charlie, who sounds like a cross between Toto and America, includes both the "Fight Dirty"(-79) and "Good Morning America"(-81) albums and is a fair depiction of their AOR style.

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Disc 1:
01. Killer Cut 
02. Fight Dirty
03. Don't Count Me Out 
04. Heartless 
05. Too Late
06. So Alone
07. Just One More Smiling Face 
08. California
09. The End of It All 
10. Runaway

Disc 2:
01. Good Morning America 
02. I Can't Get over You 
03. Roll the Dice
04. Heading for Home
05. Saturday Night
06. My Perfect Lover
07. All My Life
08. Fool for Your Love
09. I'm Angry With You
10. Just One More Chance
11. The Girl Won't Dance With Me